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Once you click on the "giving" button, 

you will be directed to our PayPal page.

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To place the amount you would like to give, simply click on the "$0" and type the amount.  The select the drop down to the area you are wanting your gift to to towards.

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Once amount and area have been selected, either log in to your PayPal account or enter your payment information in.  You will receive an email from PayPal for confirmation.

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Worship Through Giving

Giving is a vital part of worship.  The Bible is clear that we are to worship

in through giving as well as stay in a convenient blessing with our Savior.

To give, click on the "giving" button above.  This will take you to our PayPal page.  You can log in to your PayPal account or enter your payment information.  

Giving may also be done in person during our worship services or midweek classes.  Use the envelopes and/or place your gift in the offering plates when served by our ushers.

See the graphics below for instructions once directed to our PayPal page.  

Once ready to give, enter the amount you want to give.

Then select the drop down area you are wanting to give towards.

Tithe, Sunday School, Mid Week Services, Women's Discipleship, General Fund, Home for Children, Missions, Offering for Pastor, Building Fund, Youth Fund

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